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St Petersburg School of International Relations is not only one of the leading institutions that trains high-caliber experts in the field of international relations but also an international research center for international relations.

Research School

Research is an important actor of good performance of any university. St Petersburg School of International Relations carries out research in many highly relevant and much needed areas of international relations and regional studies.

Our faculty research teams perform studies commissioned by the Federal Education Agency of the Russian Federation.

In 2008-2009 the faculty members focused on 4 main areas of fundamental research and 4 main areas of applied research including modern military strategy of the world’s leading powers, linguistic and political dimension of international relations, the role of a regional component n the development of the foreign policy and performance analysis of Russian and EU diplomacy. Applied research was devoted to analyzing the main trends in the development of MA programs in European Studies, Baltic and Nordic Studies in Russia and the EU. The research scope also included themes like training international relations professionals in N1S states as well as analysis of educational and research activity of APSIA members.

This year the research projects previously launched in the afore-mentioned areas continued. The School’s faculty and research teams were awarded with many Russian and foreign research grants.

Science Conferences

Hosting CEEISA’s (the Central and East European international Studies -Association) major research convent, one the world’s leading research forums on Central and Eastern Europe, by the School of International Relations in September 2009 can be viewed as an important acknowledgement of its contribution to the international relations studies.

The School regularly hosts numerous scientific and research conferences many of which have become the leading forums that bring together the world’s most famous scholars and public figures. Often, draft resolutions or decisions adopted as a result of such conferences become a basis for the development of national policy lines and legislative acts.

Round table discussions and seminars regularly organized by the School provide an opportunity for both leading specialists and young researchers to jointly address the pressing problems and challenges of international relations, give assessment of important events and make forecasts.

Among the most well-known conferences regularly organized and hosted by the School are:

  •  “Russia and NATO”,
  •  “Russia and the EU”,
  •  “Russia and India”,
  •  “Religion in International Relations”,
  •  “Russian-American Seminar”,
  •  “The World in the New Era”,
  •  “Gender Dimensions of the Global Ethics”,
  •  “IT-Technology in Education: Project planning and Implementation”, and others.

Alongside with Universities of Harvard, Princeton and Yale and some other world’s leading universities the School of International Relations is a member of the reputable international organization - APSIA (Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs) that unites 34 leading institutions across the world.

APSIA membership testifies to the internationally acknowledged standards of education. It guarantees automatic acknowledgement of the degree awarded by the School equal to that of any of its other members. 

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