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PhD Programs

The Post-Graduate (PhD) course provides a detailed coverage of various aspects of international relations. Our post-graduate students take an active part in different scientific and practical conferences, have a unique chance to get first-hand information and learn from many outstanding St Petersburg and international scholars, participate in internship and exchange schemes organized in conjunction with the world’s leading partner universities and publish their research papers in reputable foreign editions.

Our post-graduate (PhD) students can apply for grants provided by major research and analytical centers to carry out their studies. Theoretical knowledge and research skills acquired during the post­graduate and doctorate studies will be an important asset in one’s further professional career even if it is not directly related to science and education.

The School of International Relations has several Dissertation Councils (including those in political science and history), which makes the students’ life much easier both at the thesis writing and defense stage.

Post-Graduate (PhD) programs:

  • Political Problems in International Relations and Global Development
  • Universal History (appropriate period)
  • History of International Relations and Foreign Policy
  • Political Institutions, Ethnic and Political Conflict, Management, National and Political Processes and Technology.
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