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Digital Library holds the hand-outs, readings, materials for study projects, and questions for the practical seminars relative to the following courses for Master Students and exchanges students (All the materials are the integral parts of the syllabuses elaborated for the relative courses by Associate Professor Natalia Tsvetkova are approved by the Education Committee at the School for International Relations, St. Petersburg State University 29 August 2014):

  1. Research Seminar, Autumn 2016
  2. Analytical practice, Autumn, 2015 and Spring 2017
  3. Colloquium on Literature in the field of International Relations, Autumn 2016
  4. Diplomacy (Principles and Methods of Contemporary Diplomacy), Autumn, 2016
  5. Cold War, Spring 2017


Research Seminar

  1. Working Copybooks: slides and topics for seminars
  2. Final Questions
  3. Reading: Book 1
  4. Reading: Book 2
  5. Syllabus
  6. Practical task 1
  7. Practical task 2
  8. Practical task 3

Analytical practice

  1. Working Copybooks: slides and themes for expert’s analysis
  2. Paper for analysis 1
  3. Paper for analysis 2
  4. Paper for analysis 3
  5. Paper for analysis 4
  6. Paper for analysis 5

Colloquium on Literature in the field of International Relations

  1. Syllabus
  2. List of books to be read
  3. Link to the full-text books


  1. Working Copybooks: slides and relative literature: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  2. Themes for essays and presentations: suggested themes and the forms of attestation
  3. Readings: articles and books
  4. Seminar 1
  5. Seminar 2
  6. Practice 3
  7. Practice 4
  8. Practice 5
  9. Seminar 6
  10. Practice 7
  11. Seminar 8
  12. Final Examination

Cold War: New Documents, Concepts, and Approaches

1) Working Copybooks: slides and relative literature: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

2) Seminars: themes for discussions

3) Reading: sets of documents


The titles and summaries of the best Master Theses are presented to our digital library electronically. The full-text dissertations on paper are available at the library of the School of International Relations:

  1. Jared Lee. American Neoconservatism: Philosophical Principles and Origin, 2013: SummaryReview by SupervisorReview by Opponent.
  2. Adcharawadee Inkao. The PreViher Temple: Signification of Thai-Cambodian Dispute for International Organizations, 2013: Summary; Review by Supervisor; Review by Opponent.
  3. Alena Lukina. Digital Society and Image of Russia, 2013: : SummaryReview by SupervisorReview by Opponent2014:

    1. Ajayi Oluwakemi Deborah. Principle of Non-intervention: a Case-Study of Sudan and Mali. Title PageReview by SupervisorReview by Opponent

    2. Ayse Sogutlugil Tarakci. Turkey's Position in Regional Energy Security Complexes: The Natural Gas Case. Title PageSummaryReview by SupervisorReview by Opponent


    1. Beindorff Falk Friedrich Kornelius (Germany). Axiology in International Relations: Testing Malik’s Approach

    2. Vakulina Nadezda (Russia). Natural Gas aspects in Contemporary Russian-German Relations

    3. Wunderlich Manuel (Germany). Comparative Analysis: Eurasian Integration / European Integration

    4. Gomez Kevin Mark (Philippines). The SEA rises: ASEAN Economic Integration and the Struggle for Captainship in East Asia

    5. Lee Han-wen (Taiwan). Taiwan’s Policy Toward Mainland China, 2008–2015

    6. Li Hongmei (China). The Discussion on the Influence of Chinese Economy in International Relations Between China and Russia

    7. Mamatova Zhanyl (Kyrgyzstan). Participation of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Economic Integration Processes in the Former Soviet Area

    8. Mitrovic Mihajlo (Serbia). Serbian Foreign Policy and Globalization: Tendencies and Concepts

    9. Song Dajung (France). Institutionalization of National Identity: a French-Russian comparative Perspective

    10. Teregulova Anara (Kazakhstan). Energy Dimension of the EAEU. New Opportunities and Challenges for Kazakhstan

    11. Cerlini Marco (Italy). The Role of Multilateral Institutions in the Process of Legal Harmonization between Russia and the EU

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