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Bachelor Program

The BA program “International Relations” provides for the basic higher education level. The program is focused on the problems of economic and political development of different countries of the world, the past and present of international relations, the practices and procedures of different international organizations and their activity. It also aims to provide the students with useful practical skills of analysis and forecasting.

During a 4-year course of study the students are offered a wide range of disciplines including both humanities such as cultural studies, national history, philosophy, etc., and special courses such as diplomacy, geopolitics, world economy and international economic cooperation, international organizations, political forecasting and many others.

The program students study two foreign languages and focus on the issues related to the global problems. They study the activity and agenda of the UN, international governmental organizations and NGOs, the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other issues.

The curriculum of the School of International Relations includes not only lectures, seminars, semester projects and exams: many well-known Russian and foreign politicians, scholars, publicists and diplomats visit the School as guest-lectures or with a master class. The School regularly hosts round-table discussions and seminars, international scientific and student conferences. Due to the existing internship scheme many of the School students have an opportunity to get some hands-on experience and “learn the ropes” of their chosen field of international relations as early as during the second year of their studies.


Core Curriculum (Major Courses, in Russian):

  • World Politics: Structures, Trends, and Problems
  • Contemporary Political Systems in Comparative Perspective
  • History of International Relations
  • Theories of International Relations
  • Major Issues in Russia’s History and Current Policy
  • International Law
  • Strategies and Methods of International Negotiation
  • International and National Security
  • The Foundations of Public Service and Foreign Policy Mechanism of Russia
  • The Foundations of Diplomacy and International Civil Service
  • Foreign and Foreign Economic Policy of the United States and Canada
  • Religious Factor in World Politics
  • Africa: Economy and International Relations
  • The Concept of Sustainable Development and World Politics
  • Contemporary International Relations in Europe
  • East and South East Asia: Economy and International Economic Relations
  • Contemporary International Relations in the Middle East


  • Campus located in a beautiful historic building of Smolny Monastery
  • Integrated Resource Center (documents and other resources of European Union, Council of Europe and the United Nations)
  • Rooms equipped with PC working stations and multimedia systems, including online and video-conferencing facilities
  • Thematic branch of SPSU Gorkovskaya library including remote access to the largest (among Russian universities) collection of reference bases and electronic scholarly resources
  • Wireless Internet on campus
  • Student café

Our Alumni Work at:

  • diplomatic and consular missions of the Russian Federation abroad
  • governmental and public institutions, including City Administration of Saint Petersburg, Ministry of Economic Development of Russian Federation, etc.
  • Russian and foreign transnational corporations such as Gazprom, VTB, Toyota, Microsoft, Lufthansa
  • international organizations, such as United Nations, International Olympic Committee, et.
  • universities and research institutions
  • mass media
  • nongovernmental organizations
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