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Public and political figures, researchers and business people of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea met at SPbU

Public and political figures, researchers and business people of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea met at SPbU

On June 14, 2016 the second political-economic forum within the framework of Korea-Russia Dialogue took place. The first meeting was held in the Republic of Korea.

South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se noted that suggestions developed during this joint conference, would help our countries to make progress in solving the actual problems. ‘I believe that we will be able to develop Russian-Korean relations only when we cope with the common challenges’, explained the Minister.

‘We are pleased that our work contributes to the efficient interaction of representatives of business and civil society of the two countries’, said Rector of St. Petersburg State University, Chairman of Russian KRD Coordinating Committee Nikolay Kropachev.

Nikolay Kropachev stated that today SPbU had brought together leading economists, experts in the field of international relations, representatives of business of Russia and South Korea, so the discussion was expected to be constructive and fruitful.

During roundtable discussions ‘Politics and International Relations’ and ‘Economy, Trade and Resources’ participants considered problems of the Russian-Korean cooperation in the field of  small and medium enterprises, projects on Siberia and the Far East development, the Arctic Region role in the cooperation between the two countries, key security issues in Northeast Asia.

The issue of cooperation in the Arctic region drew particular attention of guests. The Arctic is an object of geopolitical interests of many non-Arctic countries, including South Korea, Japan, China and India. An access to arctic resources is the key to successful industrial development for many years to come.

The second issue became the construction of competitive advantages in the global economy. The Republic of Korea is one of the most important trade and investment partners of Russia. Having taken the floor Head of global department of Korean tech-venture fund Kim Sung-hwan presented the report "Measures of Korean-Russian cooperation in the field of innovation of small and medium enterprises."

The Forum was attended by representatives of the Russian academic community including Prof. Konstantin Khudoley, Prof. Irina Novikova, Prof. Vatanyar Yagya and Prof. Sergey Kurbanov.

Note: Forum "Korea-Russia Dialogue" was created in 2010 on the initiative of the Presidents of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea. It is a kind of expert platform to coordinate interests, compare views of representatives of the political and cultural elites, as well as a wide range of business community and civil society representatives


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