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Seminar of second year Master Students

The second year master students of the program International Relations (in English) have presented on 18th of April 2016 the progress of their master thesis. The students, with the help of Professor Dmitry Katsy, organized this seminar to discuss and to share their main findings before the final defense of their work. Anyone interested was invited to join the seminar and to share its opinion and recommendations to help students in their research.  The following topics have been discussed:

  1. “Rossotrudnichestvo and Russian linguistic policy”, by Ekaterina Sokolova             
  2. “Key factors in managing ethnic diversity”, by Olabanji Ayodeji
  3. “US-Russia Cultural Diplomacy: The History of One Painting”, by Farida Mohammad
  4. “The concept of European identity and its popularity in the Great Britain”, by Anna Bikerniece
  5. “BRICS in world politics: evaluation of activity by world think tanks”, by Desirée Brandão
  6. “Influence of Uruguay and the Latin American discourse on abortion: perspective from norm advocacy”, by Fanny Dethier
  7. “Political marketing: Donald Trump election campaign”, by Elina Zhuk
  8. “Public diplomacy of Slovak republic: “Matica Slovenska” case”, by Monika Sorocinova

Students are grateful for the possibility to exchange ideas about their topic and to have received recommendations for the improvement of the research.

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