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St. Petersburg State University became a member of the network project – the II International Youth Forum of the Millennium Development Goals

On March 16-19, 2016 Saint-Petersburg State University was one of the venues for the II International Youth Forum of the Millennium Development Goals. During four days, more than 700 students, graduate students and high school students have been working on six venues of the Forum, representing UN member states and international organizations in 24 committees.

«Attitude of young people to the implementation of human development goals is very important. The organizers outbraved to choose for discussion the burning topics. One committee will form the agenda for members of the Eurasian Economic Union, other one will develop measures against poverty, because it is poverty that leads to the appearance of radical forces and fringe groups», - said the dean of the School of International Relations of St. Petersburg State University Irina N. Novikova in the welcome speech.

There were four committees in St. Petersburg State University: for elimination of poverty, for UN reform and cooperation of international organizations, for Russia-EU cooperation in humanitarian sphere in the conditions of sanctions and for formation of agenda on the sustainable development objectives for countries of EAEU. The work languages of the committees were Russian and English.

The invited expert of 20th committee, a graduate of St. Petersburg State University Alexander Travin said: «This event allows to learn views of peers on the global problems of mankind and develop together proposals for international institutions and states authorities. I think this project should exist, and I hope we will meet again next year at the Forum».

On the SPBU venue not only Russian students and high school students, but also representatives of Ghana, Nigeria, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia were participants of the Forum, that allow to conduct a really international dialogue. The organizers of the Forum were representatives of the Student Scientific Society of the SPBU program «International Relations».

Moreover, participants of the Forum took part in teambuilding, randomly built teams in accordance with 17 Millennium Development goals, in the quest «The Time Machine», in watching movies, devoted to the millennium development goals. The coordinator of SPBU venue was 2nd year SPbU master’s student, Acting Chairman of the Student Scientific Society Ekaterina Skvortsova.

Note: On March 25-28, 2015 Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs (MGIMO) hosted the I International Youth Forum of the Millennium Development Goals on the initiative of the economic club «Oeconomicus» of MGIMO and with the support of the Association of Russian economic clubs. The Forum was dedicated to the discussion and development of proposals of young people on the basic of the United Nations Initiative for Sustainable Development. The Forum was attended by 250 delegates from 30 cities and 16 countries around the world – from Venezuela to South Korea. The Forum results were sent to UN as a set of proposals on the Millennium Development Goals on behalf of students. In 2016 the Forum was organized as network project in universities of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Ryazan and Yakutsk.


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