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Be a deputy of the European Union! Saint Petersburg State University hosted the X Saint Petersburg International Student Model European Union

On March 11-15, 2016 Saint Petersburg State University was the venue of the X Anniversary Saint Petersburg International Student Model European Union. More than 280 students and high school students from 10 cities of Russia tried on the roles of heads of states and governments, ministers of EU member states, deputies and commissioners, representatives of diplomatic corps and journalists of independent mass media.

The first Model of the European Union was held in St. Petersburg State University in 2006 on the initiative of SPBU specialists in the field of international relations. For 10 years the Model has consistently attracted attention of students in the fields of international relations programs, politology, journalism, economics of St. Petersburg and Russia, as well as high school students, who are interested from youth in work of one of the largest integration unions in the world. «The main goal of this game on political simulation is to acquaint students with decision-making rules and the basic of the European Union Law. During the Model participants develop EU directives and draft resolutions designed to answer to the relevant political questions from European view», - said the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, associate professor of St. Petersburg State University Dmitry A. Levi.

At the opening of the Conference assistant professor of St. Petersburg State University, representative of Jean Monnet Center of Excellence Natalia G. Zaslavskaya drew guests’ attention to the importance of participation in games on political simulation: «The importance of the academic component of educational process must never be underestimated, however, these conferences help to understand the mechanisms of organization and decision-making process in the EU because during the Model it is not enough to make a suggestion or promote a bill, it is important to make it acceptable to all member states, otherwise all members will lose everything. In the European Union all decisions are taken by consensus, you should also seek consensus».

The European Union is definitely the most successful international union in the world which has passed all stages of integration. However, as associate professor of SPSU Natalia Y. Markushina noted, there are no other good news. Since the mid-2000s, EU faces with problems caused by differences in the economic development of member states and different views on the political system. Migration crisis has become a significant stroke for Europe. Will Europe solve this problem?

On the basis of main issues which are of concern to European politicians, the participants of Saint Petersburg International Student Model of European Union were offered unusual and interesting topics on the agenda, namely, standardization of legal approaches in the EU member states to provide intermediary information services aggregators in the transport sector (GetTaxi, Uber), development of the Frontex system to 2018 and its financing through national subsidies. The European Council, the work of which in the Model was entirely in English, focused on development of relations between the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), the active participant of which is Russia.

Information: St. Petersburg State University annually hosts two conferences on political simulation – the Model of the United Nations since 2004 and the Model of the European Union from 2006. Since 2013, international relations specialists have been carrying out an experiment for implementation of a similar project, the Model of Eurasian Integration. Students of St. Petersburg State University and other Russian universities, foreign students and high school students can participate in the Models.




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