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The Fourth International Conference «The First World War, Versailles System and Contemporary World»

The Fourth International Conference «The First World War, Versailles System and Contemporary World»



The Fourth International Conference “The First World War, Versailles System and Contemporary World” will be held on October 9-10, 2015 in St. Petersburg.

The first conference, dedicated to the one of the major armed conflicts in the history of humanity, took place under the initiative of the Saint-Petersburg State University in 2009. This year the conference will be conducted for the fourth time. Among its organizers are the St. Petersburg State University, Russian Association of the First World War Historians, Institute for General History of Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian State University for the Humanities.

More than 60 Russian and foreign historians, representing the major universities and research centers specializing in world history of the 20th century will take part in the conference. Several panel sessions dedicated to society in the time of war, major issues of international relations, industrial development and military-technical cooperation during the World War I will be organized. Special consideration will be given to the role of the Caucasus, the Balkans and the Near East in events of the War. Thus, the traditional range of debates over the First World War and the Versailles System will be substantially broadened.

The question of Russia’s role in age-old events remains to be one of the principal issues at the conference. Considerable part of the conference reports will be consecrated to the initial stage of the War and to the problem of social reaction on its hardships. And it’s for a reason. 1915 was especially arduous for Russia when it bore the brunt of battles in the Eastern front. It was the year of the “Great retreat” of the Russian Army, the year when the country’s war efforts were the tensest. The conference will also pay traditionally great attention to consequences of the Great War which drastically changed the very system of international relations as well as the balance of power in Europe and the whole world.

Papers of the invited at the conference Russian as well as foreign participants from the USA, Great Britain, Poland, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine and Lithuania will not only make possible to mirror the truly global aspect of the age-old military conflict but also to overcome the frontiers in the World War I studies. It is particularly topical at the moment.

The opening ceremony and the plenary session of the conference will take place October 9, 2015, 10 a.m., at Saint Petersburg State University (Smolny str. 1/3, entrance 8).


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