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International round table «Eurasian integration in new geopolitical conditions»

The international round table «Eurasian integration in new geopolitical conditions» will be held on April 22, 2016 in Saint-Petersburg State University.

The purpose of the round table is to discuss the prospects of Eurasian integration in new geopolitical conditions. The special topic of the discussion will be migration problems in the framework of comparative analysis of integration processes in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and in the European Union (EU).

Venue: Saint-Petersburg, Smolny street, 1/3, entrance VIII.

Topics for discussion in the Round Table:

Section 1: Problems and prospects of EAEU in new geopolitical conditions

  • The problem of conceptualizing of modern Eurasian integration;
  • The prospects of intercoordination between EAEU and «Silk Road Economic Belt»;
  • The problems of EAEU-EU cooperation in new geopolitical conditions;
  • The interests and expectations of EAEU member states;
  • The «third countries» factor in current Eurasian integration;
  • Russia's prospects in Eurasian integration.

Section 2: EAEU and EU member states and migration challenge: integration problems

  • Geopolitics of migration: the opening/closing of borders, the role of states, supranational institutions and agreements in EU and in EAEU;
  • Integration of migrants: national approach versus supranational one, European approach versus Eurasian one;
  • Migration in the public discourse: Is there the problem without solution? Are tolerance and multiculturalism values (ir)relevant

The Conference languages: Russian, French and English.

We invite professors, researchers, graduate students and undergraduates for participation. Participation is free, registration fees will not be charged.

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Contact information:

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