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The XXV Russian-American Seminar "Stability or Chaos: The Role of the Russian-American Relations in the Coming World Order"

The XXV Russian-American Seminar

Stability or Chaos: The Role of the Russian-American Relations in the Coming World Order

St. Petersburg State University invites you to take part at the XXV Annual Russian-American Seminar scheduled to take place on May 11-13 2016. The theme for this year`s Seminar is “Stability or Chaos: The Role of the Russian-American Relations in the Coming World Order ”.

Russian-American Seminar in St. Petersburg State University is held under the support of the Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg Association for International  Cooperation, the “Polity” Foundation (Moscow).

Traditionally sessions of the Seminar have been attended by scholars from Russia, the United States and other countries, Russian and American diplomats, distinguished public officials and political leaders,  as well as Russian and foreign undergraduate and graduate students.

Throughout over 20 years of its history, the Russian-American seminar featured contributions by: the first President of the USSR Mikhail S. Gorbachev; Russia`s ambassadors to the United States, including V. Lukin and Y. Vorontsov; deputies of the State Duma V. Nikonov, G. Starovoytova and I. Hakamada among others; the first Mayor of St. Petersburg A. Sobchak; US Ambassadors to Russian Federation and Consuls-General in St. Petersburg; university presidents and heads of major research centers; famous writers and historians from both Russia and the U.S.; editors-in-chief of various newspapers and magazines, etc.

          The main topics for discussion at the Plenary Session on May 11th 2016:

  • The World Close to Dangerous Line: the Limits of Rivalry and Cooperation
  • Hotbeds of Global Upheavals
  • Russian-American Interaction: A Critical Requirement

        The following topics are to be addressed at the round table discussions through May 11-13, 2016:

1. U.S. and Russian Policy in the Middle East. The New Features of the Regional Security System

2. U.S. Presidential Elections of 2016 and Prospects of Russia-U.S. Relations

3. Russia and the United States in Contemporary World.

4. Russia and the United States in Struggle against “Old” and “New” Security Threats

5. Russian-American Relations As Seen by Young Researchers


We invite the attendance and participation by faculty and scholars from Russian and foreign universities and research centers, experts in the field of international relations, public officials, PhD and MA students.

Working languages of the Seminar are Russian and English.

The inauguration ceremony of the XXIV Russian-American Seminar will be held on May 11th 2016, 10:00 AM local time, at St. Petersburg State University`s School of International Relations (1/3 Smolnogo St., Entrance 8, Assembly Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia), entrance to the left of the Smolny Cathedral.

Proposals for participation are to be submitted to the Organizing Committee`s e-mail:




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