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International Forum “Russia and Ibero-America in Globalizing World: History and Modernity”

International Forum “Russia and Ibero-America in Globalizing World: History and Modernity”

From 1st to 3rd of October 2015 Saint-Petersburg State University, The Bering-Bellingshausen Institute for both Americas and the Institute of Latin America of the RAS supported by the Helsinki University and the ICESI Univeristy conduct the international meeting “Russia and Ibero-America in Globalizing World: History and Modernity”. The meeting’s topics embrace the widest spectre of problems of the economic and political development of the countries of the Latin America, Iberian Peninsula and Russia, the history of the relations of Ibero-American countries with Russia and Saint-Petersburg, the dialogue of civilizations and culture.
The important practical component of the researches is the search for prospects and opportunities for economic, political and scientific cooperation of Russia with the countries of Latin America in the light of the main trends of the world economic development, the factor of the Russia’s accession to the WTO, outcomes and agreements of the leaders of the states within the BRICS Summit (Fortaleza, Brazil, 2014), the historical visit of the Russian Federation’s President to Latin America (July of 2014), which commemorated “the return of Russia to Latin America”.
The conference organizers are planning to hold the Day of Ibero-America in the SPSU which will include round tables to be conducted at different venues, such the School of International Relations, the Faculty of Economics the Faculty of Political Sciince, The Faculty of Sociology, The faculty of History, Philology, Smolnyi Institute of the Free Art and Science and the others); the conduction of the meetings of the mayors of Russian and Latin American cities, rectors of Latin American HEIis, the round table of the ambassadors of the Latin American states, accredited in the Russian Federation, the round table of the Russian and Latin American mass-media representatives.
At the same time there will be finalized the results of the competition of the young researchers of Latin America (scholars, undergraduate and post-graduate students and fellows without any degree – under 30 years).
The International Forum is supposed to enjoy the participation of the most prominent political and public figures of Latin America, representatives of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Russian Foreign Ministry, the leading domestic and foreign experts, the ambassadors of the Ibero-American countries accredited in Moscow, representatives of a business community, the Council of Europe of Social researches (Consejo Europeo de Investigaciones Sociales de América Latina, CEISAL), the European network of information and documentation on Latin America (REDIAL), the government of St. Petersburg, Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The proceedings of the conference are supposed to be published as a collection of reports, as well the conference organizers are planning publications of speakers’ papers in the Russian and foreign journals, and publications of the essays of the winners in the competition of student's works. The edition of works of conference, the publication of the collection of reports (the joint publication of St.Petersburg State University - Institute of Latin America of the Russian Academy of Sciences - the Government of St. Petersburg). Reports for the publication will be reviewed to comply with criteria for academic papers.
We invite the scholars from Russian and foreign universities, research centers, experts in the field of the international relations,public officials, MA students to participate in the Forum.
The deadline for submitting proposals including a title, an abstract and key words (up to 200 words) is 30th of May, 2015. Please, submit your proposals to or .
We invite scholars, undergraduate and post-graduate students and fellows without any degree - under 30 years to participate in the competition of the young researchers of Latin America.
The deadine for submitting manuscripts is 25th of June, 2015.
The manuscripts should be written according to the following requirements:
The Theme Font is Times New Roman, font size is 14 pt. The size of the article including the tables, drawings is 17000 characters.
Please, submit your manuscripts to with moto "Competition Russia-Iberoamerica". Please, do not indicae your personal data, just your status, place of studing or your research center.
The conference venue: Smolny Street, 1/3, Entrance 8
Symposiums and events of a forum
At the moment, the Organizing committee has planned work of the following sections and round tables:
• A role of Russia and Ibero-America in a new world order
• St. Petersburg – a window to Ibero-America
• Economic aspects of cooperation of Russia and Ibero-America
• Crisis of a world financial system: the politician of Russia and the countries Ibero-America in the sphere of regulation of the global financial markets
• Value of trade between Russia and Ibero-America's countries in the conditions of world financial crisis
• A role and a place of St. Petersburg in development of the economic relations of Russia and Ibero-America
• Cooperation of Russia and Ibero-America at the global and regional levels
• Prospects of political cooperation of Russia and Ibero-American countries - Cooperation of Russia and Ibero-America in culture
• Formation of an image of Russia in the Ibero-American countries and an image of Ibero-America in Russia
• The Russian world on space of Latin America: the Russian emigration in the Ibero-American countries. Latin Americans in Russia (USSR)
• Spain: XXI century calls
• Revolutions in Russia and Ibero-America
• Russia-Ibero-America: parallels in history
• The left and right movements in Russia and Ibero-America: historical destinies
• Relations of Russia with Ibero-America's countries: history and present
• Latin America and Russia: achievements and calls of integration
• Latin America and Russia: main trends of economic development
• Russia and Ibero-America in the global world
• Latin America: main trends of political development
• Russia and Latin America: comparative analysis of regional political processes.
• Ibero-American mosaic: historical destinies of the countries of Ibero-America in the XIX-XXI centuries.
• Problems of ethnography and anthropology of the countries of Ibero-America
And also:
• Round table: Russia-Latin America: for that to wait from the bilateral relations in the conditions of crisis of system of the international relations
• Round table: Russia and BRICS: prospects and limits of growth
• Round table: Latin America as part of the polycentric world. A role of the new centers of force on the world scene.
• Meeting of rectors of the Russian and Latin American universities "Prospects of Cooperation between Universities of Two Continents"
• Meeting of mayors of the Russian and Ibero-American cities.
• A round table of diplomats (the ambassadors of the Ibero-American countries accredited in Moscow, representatives the Russian Foreign Ministry)
• Round table of editors-in-chief of scientific magazines ("Latin America", "The international life", "Modern and contemporary history", "Clio", "The Latin American almanac").
• Round table "Russia’s image in the mass media of Ibero-America. Ibero-America’s image in the Russian mass media".








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