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Founded in 1994 the School of International Re­lations is one of the leading research and teach­ing institutions in Russia that trains highly quali­fied specialists in international relations.

Today our Faculty maintains relations with more than twenty universities and organizations in Eu­rope and North America taking part in such inter­national projects as TEMPUS and Civil Education Project.

The School of International Relations is a member of the Association of Professional Schools of In­ternational Affairs (APSIA) that unites leading uni­versities of the United States and other countries training specialists in international relations.

The students and lecturers of the Faculty partici­pate in various international exchange and study programs offered by the world’s top universities including the University of Freiburg, Miami, South California, Groningen, etc.

All the Faculty members hold academic degrees. Most of them have taught at universities in North America and Europe. Among our lecturers are of­ficials from the Russian Foreign Ministry, St. Pe­tersburg City Administration and members of the Russian Academy of Sciences. At the same time, many foreign experts come to our School through a network of numerous exchange programs.

The Faculty regularly holds international semi­nars and conferences attended by prominent researchers and scholars, policymakers and re­nowned public figures both Russian and foreign.

The School of International Relations runs Educa­tional Resources Information Centers for the top three international organizations. It houses a Euro­pean Documentation Centre, a Regional Informa­tion and Documentation Centre for the Council of Europe, and a United Nations Depository Library. Besides, it has an Information Centre for Iberian Studies and another one for Indian Studies.

At present the School of International Relations offers two basic programs:

  • International Relations
  • Area Studies

The School of International Relations offers a wide variety of courses, both compulsory and optional, thus ensuring an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to international affairs. Our courses cover a wide range of subjects, including:

  • International Law
  • Economics
  • International Relations
  • Political Science
  • History
  • Arts
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Foreign Languages, etc.
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